What to look for when choosing an estate agent

What to Look for When Choosing an Estate Agent

Before you get any valuations for your property, it is ideal to choose the right estate agents Birmingham to sell your home. It is recommended to contact about three estate agents. In order to help you select the best agents, there are important questions that you must ask to sell your property fast at a fair price.

Find estate agents with proven track records in selling properties that are similar to yours. Why choose an agent that only sells flats if your have a country home? Whether you need to sell a flat, bungalow, a three-bed house, or a studio apartment, it will be effective if you look for agents with a good record of selling the same types of properties in Birmingham. Agents who are presently selling similar properties often have a database of customers searching for such properties.

You must check if the agent you do choose is duly licensed by agencies and professional organisations in Birmingham. Through this, you will be certain that the agents follow a code of practice and they will only sell your property following legal guidelines.

It is important to take note that most estate agents Birmingham charge between 1% and 3% commission from the final valuation of your property. You might be tempted to negotiate for a lower fee, but this is not recommended. Estate agents rely on their commission, so the higher you offer, the more motivated they are to sell your property quickly. When you haggle low, you might be taking away much of the commission that the agent can focus on to prioritize your property. It is best to agree on fees that are fair for you and your agent.

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